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Another One Bites the Dust

The day has come – I’m not immune to illnesses, apparently. This is my first one this year. Flu-like symptoms surfaced upon waking this morning. I really thought it was from me playing Wii Boxing so intently last night.

My shoulders and back muscles are achy. My nose is ticket and my throat, starting to feel sore. I suspect i will have a hoarse sexy voice tomorrow morning. Sucks to be sick. I took Tylenol Cold and Sinus though so I hope it does it’s job.

Tonight is an extra early night. It’s currently after 7 and I’m already in bed. V is in the carseat in our room. I thought it would be better to keep an eye on her.

23/365 – My Two-year Old Dictator

Another day at home with lots of tv viewing. When u have 2 kids, it’s challenging. Z had a vomit episode at breakfast this morning. He wasn’t feeling well since waking.

For most of the day I took turns putting V to sleep and trying to play with him. I was tired out from last night. We had to bring him in his morning at 4:25 am and it took almost 45 min for him to fall asleep. I feared he wouldn’t sleep at all and would want to just play. I was relieved he slept for a bit – maybe an hour or less.

While I was on our bed with him, M was on the floor in V’s room since she had to go in the carseat. It really bites when both kids are sick.

I try to rotate V between her recliner, Exersaucer, the floor and holding her. While she was in there this morning and I was playing with Z, he pointed out to, “Look, mommy, V is holding on!”. She had a huge smile on her face when I turned to look at her, as if she was so proud to have grabbed something on her own.

This afternoon, just before M came home, I had my hands full. Literally, V was on me in a wrap and I had he Wii remote in my right hand, trying to play Wii bowling. He was making me play all he different sports and telling me when to stop and continue. He would tell me to switch sports or do it again. It was hilarious. I was being controlled by my two-year old boy.

Teething and Sick

It wasn’t long ago when both kids were sick. Well, V isn’t really sick – just teething. She has been fussy, sleepless and wanting to nurse all the time. When she’s fussy all she wants is me – well, my nipple, actually. All this coincided with her need to be freed from the swaddle for sleep. I think that it minimized her frustrations when she needs to suck on her finger.

Z woke up feeling off – no appetite at all. In fact he has been that way all day. Even his nap was shorter than usual. I felt him warm this morning and he’s a lot warmer now. He’s been so upset tonight that he cried so much. Z kept saying, ” Mommy…”, as if to ask me to make the pain go away. He wouldn’t let us check his temperature so we couldn’t get a reading.

I’m hoping he feels better before the weekend is over.

First Post

I am excited to begin a new blog. A few of my new year’s resolutions is to write more, take more photos of my family and lose weight.

This is going to be a shorter posts since I’m doing this while both kids are up and I’m also on my iTouch typing with one finger. (V is currently fussing at the breast and she just did a huge #2 – no wonder she was fussing). Z is beside me on the floor busy with the iPad. I love his independence – he just turned 28 months. He is so good with digital devices.
The week has been a challenging one since both kids got sick. They have been coughing and suffering from congestion and rough sleeps at night. It’s worse when Z wakes from a short nap crying and inconsolable for 30 min and wakes V up as well. Then she starts wailing when she hears him wail. It’s chaos, I tell you.



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