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This is how our day started. Z gave V a kiss and it just made my heart melt.

V in a pretty dress.


This makes me feel all warm and gushy inside. I love it when Z is gentle and affectionate with his little sis. And V loves it, too, when she gets good attention from Z.


It seems that my guilty conscience is not enough every time I eat or snack on something I shouldn’t. V is an excellent communicator with her eyes. I was eating a bowl of yogurt when I caught her eyeing me and the yogurt. So I gave her a little she liked it. then she saw me eating an apple and she loves to suck on apples. So I let her and she grabs my thumb to make sure I keep the apple there. She is going to be an early and excellent eater. I can’t wait.

After Z woke up I brought him down and sat him in front of V in the Exersaucer. He was happy to play with her.


While Z napped, I watched Prison Break and nursed V. She fell asleep and so I held her for 1hr 10 min. She was toasty and happy when she woke.

It’s not easy to ask Z to pose with V sometimes. I was sitting on the floor with V in front of me between my legs when Z asked for a muffin. I had wanted him to sit like that with V before so I thought of getting him to sit with her while I got his muffin. Well, it worked very well and did they ever look cute!


Today has been a very busy day. As a result, I only have one photo. Every morning, the kids come and hang out on our bed between 6 and 7 am. Usually it’s just Z but V woke up early as well – around 5:30 am. I love that they were both smiling.

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