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Adjustments Abroad

I’ve always been a worrier when it comes to the kids. I worry mostly about their sleep – right from the beginning. For longest time we have not had much luck with Z’s sleep outside of our room.

Whenever we travelled he would sleep in the stroller but it would usually require a lot of walking and some crying before he fell asleep. Hotels are a nightmare – literally, he wakes up confused and crying. Then he ends up in the bed with us. The cribs are useless. Not only that he would also wake up multiple times. Chicago was no sleep because he would wake up at 5 am and that would be Chicago time so he was really getting 5 hrs of sleep at night.

It wasn’t until recently that he slept in our friends’ daughter’s bed while we were visiting. We were shocked that he was able to fall asleep there because he always refused when we offered for him to nap at our friends’ house.

This time around in Amsterdam, he seemed to have adjusted rather quickly to his doorless room. He would still require a song and some time to fall asleep but he would stay in the room even if he was having trouble falling asleep. I have to admit that he has been having trouble falling asleep at night and takes more than 30 minutes. Naps have to be at home because he wakes up when we stop moving the stroller.

V, on the other hand, is pretty portable because she will sleep in the wrap or Ergo, though she much rather prefer the Moby. At night she needs me there or she wails for me – “wawa, wawa”. Today for her afternoon nap, she slept for 2hr 10min on me. Quite impressive and she has not done that at all. I hope she sleeps longer like that tomorrow and the rest of the time.

Food wise, she has now 2 bottom front teeth. She is able to
Chomp down on soft foods – cucumbers and bread. And she loves to eat. It seems that she can pretty much eat anything – to a certain extent.

I made rice with chorizo, some vegetables and red peppers with cabbage – sort of like a seafood less paella. She ate several tablespoons of the rice mix, minus the chorizo. And she didn’t choke once at all. She loved it so much she would ask for more by grunting. Yesterday she ate some cod and she also loved it. She also loves french fries. Fruits wise, grapes, apples, melons and sometimes, oranges.

V has been working on her crawling skills a lot. Because the apartment is so small and there are no stairs, she is able to safely crawl around. Today I let her crawl around on the rubberized playground and she enjoyed herself. If intake her hands and walk with her, she makes the walking motions like you would when walking. It’s pretty amazing what she is able to do. I have a feeling she’ll be walking before she turns one.

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