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Time to Sleep Train Again

Work is starting soon and I’m thinking of sleep training v once again. Saturday would be a good day to start since it will give us three days to fix her sleep at least.

Tonight has been going a little rough – considering that I started the bedtime routine around 7:20 and she is still awake. It’s been difficult – I’m forced to be in bed with her even before 9pm and can’t get things done. Although I have to say the additional sleep hours is not something to complain about.

V has been clingy and extra sensitive lately, often wanting only me and nothing to do with M. She cries and flails herself when M tries to hold her or pick her up. It’s sad. I’m not sure how to change it.

Right now, she’s in her crib crying and shouting for me. I’ve put her back since she’s been awake too long and has gotten her second wind and started to play in our bed. I hate hearing her cry and upset but she needs to know that it’s time to sleep. I’m hoping she’ll go to sleep soon. It’s minutes to 9pm. Late.

Sleep Issues

Eversince V was born, Z has been having sleep issues. He uses to sleep through the night, especially after we sleep-trained him post Chicago.

Normal wakeup time used to be 6-645 am. Nowadays, not only does he wake up way before that, but he also has difficulty falling asleep on his own and requires our help.

Also, being sick for the last week or so didn’t help either. It has been a very rough time with both kids’ sleep. It’s amazing how she’ll wake up when he wakes up even if she can’t hear him through her noisemaker. It’s so exhausting, especially since this is supposed to be M’s holiday break.

Today, Z woke up at 3:50 am crying out for me. After unsuccessful attempts with M, I went in and managed to have him lie down and stay down for 20 min. Our worst fear was about to come true once the clock hits 5 am, that is it for sleep. I overheard him arguing and insisting on going downstairs. I had to go to V because she was fussing.

By the time I came back from her room, it was quiet in his room. I’m praying he’s asleep on the couch with M. Otherwise, its going to be a long day with a tired cranky toddler.

Looks like we have to sleep train him again next week. This has got to end.

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