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Update on the Kids

It’s been a while since I wrote about the kiddies. Z is almost 2 yes and 9 months. V is turning 8 mos in the 24th. Time flies.
Z is now fully potty trained, except at night and for naps. I bought him superhero undies from Old Navy. It’s cute that he chooses which one he wants to wear. “I want to wear Batman. And Lambie, too. (Lambie is a stuffed toy.) Z is learning to be patient with his little sister. Sometimes I catch him giving her kisses and tickling her. So cute.
Z is a very sensitive and intuitive child who loves to interact with people. In fact he’d rather talk to adults than kids. So funny. Once we went over rJ our neighbors after dinner and C was eating peanuts from a bowl what does he do? Stand beside her and eat peanuts, too.
Whenever he sees our neighbor, M, he always says hi loudly and waves to him.
The sleeping in the big bed is working out much better recently. We have Changed the time on his clock to be a half hour earlier to see of it helps him stay in the bed longer. So far, he has been staying in his bed till at least 6 am and then he quietly comes out of his room and tiptoes to ours.
V has been having some really rough nights. Last night was probably one of the worst – she was screaming for pain and unable to settle to sleep. Nothing made her feel better – not even nursing. Naps have been in the wrap with M this weekend and I’m happy for the time to spend with Z.
Tonight we had family over and she just didn’t want to have her last nap. By the time she fell asleep, it was over 5 hrs of wakefulness. Not only was she overtired but she started to feel teething pains as well. Poor girl.
Nursing during the day is far and few in between. They happen mostly before bedtime in her room. It’s hard for her to nurse during the day with all the distractions. She also has been refusing a lot of foods she used to love. Minigo, Gerber puffs, congee and Cheerios. She used to eat these excitedly and now she pushes my hand away or turns her head away. All she wants is to drink cows milk from a straw sippy cup, even water.

Tonight I put her down on her tummy, hoping she’ll sleep better and so far, she has. I also gave a dose of Advil before she fell asleep. She hasn’t had a good nights sleep in so long. I hope a tooth or two comes out soon. She was biting me last night while nursing. V was also doing the popping on and off the nipple a lot.

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