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While Z napped, I watched Prison Break and nursed V. She fell asleep and so I held her for 1hr 10 min. She was toasty and happy when she woke.

It’s not easy to ask Z to pose with V sometimes. I was sitting on the floor with V in front of me between my legs when Z asked for a muffin. I had wanted him to sit like that with V before so I thought of getting him to sit with her while I got his muffin. Well, it worked very well and did they ever look cute!


Today has been a very busy day. The Brazilian students staying with us had a free day today so we took them to dim sum at Century Plaza. They really enjoyed it and the food was excellent today.

I’ve been holding V for the last 90 minutes on her rocking chair. She woke up after only 20 min into her sleep and M went to pick her up and rock her back. As I tried to take a nap, I kept hearing her cry out so I went in and nursed her.

She was literally attached to me for 45 min and as a result, she slept for a total of 2 hrs and 15 min. My lower back was sore. But she woke up happy.

On the plus side for me, I got to watch 2.5 episodes of Prison Break – a marathon in tv watching. Yay. How often do I get to sit and watch something?

I also tried to put her in the MeToo chair during dinner. She didn’t last too long because she was sinking. She’s in bed now and I’m hoping she won’t wake up again until much much later.

Well, it’s now just after 6pm and she did wake up. I think she thinks she was taking a nap and is planning to go back to bed for 7pm. Z is taking his bath with M and he is still cute as ever before. I love his little nakedness.


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