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Potty Trained

Our little girl is officially potty trained during day time. All thanks to daycare, for two weeks now, she has been wearing underwear and using the toilet for pee and poo (at home). V has been so good with letting us know. I even take her when we are out in public and she will insist on using the toilet.

The poo just started last week. She was always hesitant to sit on the toilet and would usually prefer to poo in her diaper or pull up. But this week, she lets us know and just helps herself with the potty. She’s amazing about it.

Our use of diapers and pull-ups have reduced drastically since they’re only for nap times and evenings.

Now, there’s only one thing left to do – wean her and she’ll be a big girl all the wAy. But she doesn’t seem to be ready yet.

That’s a working progress as we’re planning to paint her room purple in hopes of enticing her to sleep in her own room. The paint can is already purchased. A princess room.

Light at the end of the Tunnel

It is Friday – the end of week 2 of school. Here are some highlights.

1. V has been successfully sleep trained (as of tonight, and it is only Day 2).
2. V has been using the potty at daycare (self-initiated). Hooray!
3. Both kids are still asleep and its just 7am – AND I’m showered!!!! Yippee.
4. Z has been going to bed by 8:15 pm every night.
5. We’ve reduced device time drastically during the week. He’s back to playing with his toys and only watching The Octonauts after dinner.
6. I like my home room kids. I had fun with them durin Frosh Frolic yesterday.

Looking forward to a nice cool weekend.

Back to School Madness

Ever since school started for Zander as well, I’ve been feeling more stressed. Mornings are a huge rush and I’ve been late to school both days already. We’ve been getting out of the house after 8am, and by the time I drop off M and V, then Z at his school, I get back to my school around 8:45-50 am. This leaves me with no time at all to get anything done.

At night, my time is unpredictable because I don’t know when V will wake. She’s cosleeping and I haven’t had the heart to sleep train her as we’re waiting for her teeth to come in. I know I’m going to have to soon since we have curriculum night coming up in less than 2 weeks. Thinking about it stresses me our even more.

As I lie here nursing her back to sleep, I’m feeling exhausted. I had just left her room to go downstairs around 9:10pm, and no more than 10 minutes ago did I have to come back up
Because she woke up crying. Not sure what’s happening with her but I’m pretty much up here, unable to do any school work.

Wait, daycare told me V was doing potty training today and used the potty three times. Maybe that’s why. In any case, I’m very happy she’s taking an interest in it.

(My left eye is hurting and I can’t see clearly since I fell asleep with my contacts on. I need to shower but don’t want to shower my sleepiness off so am going to have to do it early tomorrow instead.)

One Step Closer

It has been three days in counting since Z napped in underwear. While we were over at our friends in Whitby, M accidentally forgot to put a diaper on him for nap time. I was very surprised to find that he was dry when I picked him up after he woke up.

Ever since then, we make him go pee before nap and we just don’t put a diaper anymore. It’s been good so far. Hopefully the nanny will remember to tell him to go pee as well. We are not rushing for the bedtime one yet as he has been doing so well with this potty training thing.

Another improvement has been the night time sleep. No more waking up at night since M has been putting him to bed. He cries and screams for me but eventually calms down and goes to sleep. Of course, M is with him the entire time, singing and rubbing his back.

As for V, I think we are back to square one. And do is work. We start tomorrow and I’m not too thrilled.

An Eventful Day

We’ve been staying home a lot lately. Ever since the Easter long weekend, the kids have been having the sniffles. So I’ve developed a routine for staying home since I used to think that it would drive me nuts to do so everyday. I managed and it isn’t too bad.
After napping V in he wrap, I got us ready to go to the public library. Z was in undies from the start so I decided to take the chance and take him out that way. I figured there would be a washroom there anyway.

As I dressed V, Z informed me he’d like to bring monkey along with us. He then took off to the front of the house to get the monkey a jacket – his very own raincoat, and asked me to put it on him.

At the library I sat V on one of the small chairs in the kids’ section while Z and I looked through some books. I tried to nurse V so she could sleep after We stayed till about 11 since had to nap again. After signing out books, I told Z we needed to go for a walk for her nap and he could use the iTouch. He agreed.
V was fussing already after we left the library shortly. I decided to go home instead but had to stop at a park bench to nurse her because she was having hunger cries. She finally eats and Z bursts out,”monkey! I left monkey at the library.” and starts to cry. I guess we’re going back to the library after all.
I immediately call the library to reassure Z that we will go back and get it after V finishes nursing.
Just as u got up to walk, I felt pins and needles in my feet. They went away shortly, thank goodness. Then Z asks to talk to M on the phone but he is not reachable. I was afraid to upset Z more. I finally got the monkey back and gave it to Z. V already fell asleep as soon as I closed her cover’s window. Just as I pulled in to our driveway, I noticed Z had fallen asleep while on the iTouch.
Plan C: walk to Metro and get more strawberries. So I did and I walked around the neighborhood for another 50 min until one of the kids woke up. I was also worried Z would pee in his sleep. In the end, Z slept for 50 min and V, for an hour. But that was her last nap.


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