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Both kids were up early today. Z at 4:40 am and V at 5:30 am. Both got woken up by poo. Pretty $!’??@. I know. But what can you do? Just hope the rest of the day goes well.

Seeing that we’re home all day, I let him cozy up on the couch and watch Curious George the movie. He has also been nursing the same smoothie I made him an hour ago. To hasten the day, I’m going to give him a bath before naptime. At least that’s my plan so far.

Well, the plan for Z has worked out. But I’m having problems with V’s sleep lately. I suspect teething because she wants to nurse all the time. Her naps are so short now and with the amount of effort I put into it, it’s only 30 min long. She wants to nurse to sleep all the time. I’m tempted to put he in the carseat.

I want to sleep train her but am unsure. Her nighttime sleep is also starting to get worse. She used to be able to sleep for 5-7 hrs straight before waking for the first feeding. Now it’s more like 4-5 feedings a night. It’s exhausting. I need to break this cycle before she gets older.

Here I made her sit in the Bumbo to pretend to play the piano. I even gave her time in the Exersaucer to tire her out. No luck.

I even put her in the Jolly Jumper and she was good in it. She never complained once except when I took her out. I was impressed at how upright her posture was – her neck was well supported.

Despite all the activities, she’s on her 4th 30 min nap and is sleeping in the wrap, with a nursing cover. I’m thinking this will be a halfer again. For sure it’s teething because she gets frustrated and even gags when she shoves her fist into her mouth. Poor girl.

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