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Playdate with a friend

Today was a momentous occasion for M and I, and Z. He had a playdate with his friend, Z, and he went home with Z’s mom in her car. Then he stayed there for nearly 3 hours, playing, wrestling and just having fun. He also ate dinner with Z’s family.

When he came home I asked him about his playdate.

Me: So, what did you eat for dinner?
Z: fish sticks.
Me: how many fish sticks did you have?
Z: (he holds up five fingers as he eats his bedtime snack of apple)
Me: what did you have with fish sticks? Fries?
Z: no.
Me: did you have pasta?
Z: no.
Me: did you have rice?
Z: no. But you’re really close.
Me: I’m close? Hmmm…
Z: it’s kind of round.
Me: couscous?
Z: yeah! Couscous with fruits and veggies!

I love my boy.



First day of 2013. We had a playdate with the Au’s. Z had been waiting for this – a chance to play with N again. Though she is 5, he had no trouble interacting with her. They played so well together. In fact, at one point, they were both dressing and diapering an IKEA doll each.

Z also surprised me by drawing something that looks so much like a person! In fact, it looked like an old man.

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