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Z has a new best friend – Peso. Since I’ve made him, Z has been toting him around everywhere. He has even replaced one of his lovies with Peso, saying he’s “giving Papu a break right now.” It’s so cute.

M, Z and I are huge fans of those packaged seaweed sheets. So we always have then in our pantry for those days when I’m not sure what to feed Z for lunch. (I also always have frozen rice packets available for instant rice.) v has discovered the joy of eating seaweed. I’m not sure how she did but if anything she always liked crispy- sounding things. Plastic and paper, unfortunately are inedible. So the closest thing,I guess, is seaweed. Plus, it’s salty. Like I’ve said before she hasn’t got a sweet tooth in her mouth.


Today started off nice in terms of weather so I took the kids out to a playground. Z wanted to bring Peso the Penguin. I made him last night while the kids were sleeping. Even V wanted to play with him. Looks like I my have to make another one.

Z was holding on to Peso in the swing, making sure not to drop him. You can see just how much he loves him.

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