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Restorative Sleep

I love my endocrinologist. She tells it like it is and she cares. My appointments with her are scheduled 6 months ahead and I don’t get any reminder calls because her office is just simply too busy.

If there’s a new word I learned today, its restorative sleep. Yes, even though I’m in bed and asleep by 930pm, I’m still exhausted. And that’s because my sleep is constantly being interrupted. And to top it off, the stress is contributing to my weight gain. Bah humbug! So, until I sleep train her, I’m going to be in constant exhaustion.

Here’s what she suggested. One night away from the kids – even if it means just for us to get a good night’s sleep. Yes, just sleep. Hotel down the block is just as good. But I liked the overnight spa idea for sure. In fact I’ve been thinking about it since she mentioned it.

Our plan is to wait till her teeth pop out and then sleep train her. Hopefully it will be sooner than later.

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