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Productive Day

I don’t know if it’s the mere fact that there are less than three days left until back to work, but all of a sudden, we got super productive.

In the morning, we worked in our crafts business,, making toddler girl bracelets, as well as superhero cuffs.

After the kids went to bed, I cooked up two batches of soup – Zucchini and Roasted Cauliflower, and Leek and Potato. It felt great to finally cook the veggies that have been begging to be eaten in the fridge. They would also make great lunches for school!

This morning, I got my timetable in my email so I finally got a chance to retype it, color coding the classes. I feel much better now that I have my schedule at least. I’d need to work on plans next and go over the times as well. Still more work to come m

Next Sun is Zs school party so we need to get the plans underway for that as well. Lots of work to do. M was working on the computer to create Super Hero Passports.

Soups Up!


The gorgeous leeks were purchased from Byward Market during our spontaneous trip to Ottawa. They were 3 for $5. (I know i couldve bought them here at the grocery store for less, but it was all part of the experience.)
After sweating them in my cast iron pot with some garlic, olive oil and butter, I put them in the slow cooker with 5 yellow fleshed potatoes. Can’t wait to taste it tomorrow.

N.B. I also made a zucchini and roasted cauliflower puréed soup, which tastes totally amazing! No cream but yet so thick and rich. I will post pics tomorrow.


Another day of adventures with the kids. After breakfast, we took a stroll through the Byward Market. We stopped to buy some baby carrots and orange cherry tomatoes. A visit isn’t complete without a few sweet treats – gingerbread cookies and a cherry turnover.

We also passed by the national art gallery and saw the giant spider sculpture outside.


While V napped, we checked out the locks in action. Z was fascinated by it.


After Vs nap we headed out to find lunch and ended up on Bank St. at Taste Ramen. We were surprised by the delicious ramen soups they made. Good choice. And as it turned out the Capital Pride Parade was on and we got to enjoy a little of it on our way out. V loved the festivities.

And on to Zs nap after. We walked back to the Rideau Centre for some Old Navy shopping since I needed some clothes. We were able to use the additional 25% off coupon from our email, which saved us even more money!


We came back to the hotel to rest and freshen up just before dinner. Whenever we travel we always check out the Chinatown so we had Chinese for dinner at So Good Restaurant. It was very good, indeed. We ordered a dish of chicken with cashew nuts in a peanut sauce and we love it! But unfortunately, V got cranky and wanted out of her high chair even before I was halfway through my meal.

I had to pick her up and she begged to nurse so I just did even though I didn’t have the nursing cover on. She was closing her eyes and I thought she was playing at first but she actually fell asleep! I’m fact she slept for a good 15 min and probably would’ve slept more if I hadn’t moved her. We had to leave.

Spontaneous Road Trip

Last trip of the Summer
Currently on the road to Ottawa. We have had a very busy day. Zoo in the morning with Andrea and Ava, then Ms family came for dinner.

I cooked up a nice Chinese meal – shrimp and veggie chow mein, cornstarch fish and steamed rice. Eversince driving home from the zoo, we’ve been thinking about taking a road trip. We figured the summer is ending soon, why not?

As for the destination, there were many toss ups. Niagara Falls. Kingston. Thousand islands. M had suggested Ottawa but I thought it was too far. Just as dinner was finishing up, I was already planning how we’d get out tonight.

While M bathed and dressed the kids, I packed our things. I also was multitasking trying to book us a hotel on Hotwire last minute. Marriott in front of the Parliament Hill, here we come.

I’m excited. The kids are asleep in the backseat. I just switched with M from driving. We’re most likely getting in around 1am. But it’s ok. I’m glad we decided to just do this!

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