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Teething Troubles

I guess those nights where Willow stayed awake for 3 hrs were nothing compared to the last two nights.  Last night was especially brutal.  

Haven’t had breakfast yet. My hips, neck and Back are aching. Even my ankles are aching. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I feel like crying as I’m going crazy with this sleeplessness. 

I’ve read that the real teething lasts for about 8 days, with the teeth/tooth erupting at about day 5. This feels likes its been happening for quite sometime now. 

I’m trying to be so patient but all I’m going with is sleep I managed to get from 8:30-10pm and then from 1:20-5:30. The 1st hour and a half was the only time I slept in the bed without her on me. 

(As I type this, she just began to calm down. I’m hoping she will sleep for at least 2 hrs.). 

You see, people who say that you gotta nap when the baby naps don’t know the real truth about baby sleep.  You see, I used to be able to put her in the crib and walk away and then she would sleep.  But in times like these where she is teething, it doesn’t work. 

So not only am I beyond exhausted from a lack of sleep, I also cannot rest because I’ve got to nap her on me.  The swing was not successful and a stroller nap will be short – guaranteed under an hour. I’m screwed either way. 

And to make things even more challenging, my 4yo is home as school ended the first week of June. Being a stay-at-home parent is tougher than most people think.  Don’t ever let people tell you that it’s not. 

Normally I manage because I let her watch an hour of tv, then we do some drawing or writing and play outside. By that time W would’ve slept for 1.5-2 hrs and then we go to the library or park. 

I’m hoping she will have three good naps at least. 

Rough patches

V is having a rough night tonight. I’m surprised because she went to sleep quite uneventfully. She first cried out around 11:10pm and went back to sleep within 5 minutes.

She’s cried out 3 more times since and each time, she progressively got more desperate so I finally went in around 12:15 am. I nursed her and talked her down until she was almost quiet. I just didn’t want her screaming again.

I can’t sleep until she falls asleep because I feel like she’s going to start crying again. I’m not sure why she is awake. The nanny said she had 2 hrs of sleep do she should technically be having a good night’s sleep.

I just hope that she doesn’t stay up any longer or she will have to have 2 naps tomorrow.

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