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Productive Day

I don’t know if it’s the mere fact that there are less than three days left until back to work, but all of a sudden, we got super productive.

In the morning, we worked in our crafts business,, making toddler girl bracelets, as well as superhero cuffs.

After the kids went to bed, I cooked up two batches of soup – Zucchini and Roasted Cauliflower, and Leek and Potato. It felt great to finally cook the veggies that have been begging to be eaten in the fridge. They would also make great lunches for school!

This morning, I got my timetable in my email so I finally got a chance to retype it, color coding the classes. I feel much better now that I have my schedule at least. I’d need to work on plans next and go over the times as well. Still more work to come m

Next Sun is Zs school party so we need to get the plans underway for that as well. Lots of work to do. M was working on the computer to create Super Hero Passports.

Daycare Together

Today was the first day Z and V were dropped off at daycare. Z’s last day was yesterday and we were so lucky to have found a place for V that will take him occasionally. Z was excited to go but V was upset at the door, crying and flailing herself when S was holding her. She quickly settled after we left.

Z had a great time and made friends with M, who is 4. Naptime was a little off since both kids and another kid were all placed in the same room. Apparently, all three fell asleep and then Z woke up shortly after, and woke up the little ones, including V. Then he fell back asleep again. I’m not sure but all three kids had a short nap.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Nap over

Violet surprise us today by napping in the playpen at Judy and Gary’s. We’d decided to stay longer at their house since the kids were enjoying themselves so much.

Z napped in the basement on a big bed while V napped in the spare room upstairs. I nursed her as usual and as soon as she started to close her eyes, I detached her and put her in the playpen.

She cried out and I waited about 10 minutes. Then it was quiet. She fell asleep on her own. But when she woke up exactly, no one knows as we were all outside. I can only hope she slept for at least 40 minutes.

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