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Last night was rough – but I expected it. 40 min into her sleep, V woke up. She must woken up 7-8 times altogether. Around just after midnight I decided to unswaddle her. She has never been happier. The rest of the night she was waking up because she was learning to sleep without a swaddle. I’m glad I did it sooner than later.

Her 1st nap was short -35 min only. But when we went to IKEA, she surprised us by sleeping past 2 hrs! I couldn’t believe it. She went down again just a few minutes ago for her 3rd nap. It’s exhausting – these are the things I don’t seem to remember when Z was little.

Z woke up early again – 5:25 am. He didn’t have much of an appetite all day. I felt him and he was warm. Runny nose is also in the picture.

Z snuggling with M after his nap.

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