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We went to the zoo this morning because Z actually suggested it. It was cold – and so not a lot of ppl came out, which was great for us. Z had a great time just being able to walk and run around to his heart’s content.

After Vs nap, she, too, wanted to walk around. We spent an hour walking her to sleep. In the end we had to cover the stroller so she’d go to sleep since she didn’t really nap at home.


Today, while M went into school to do some work, I walked the kids in the double stroller. V needed to nap so we walked towards M’s school neighbourhood. Once she fell asleep, we stopped by Cassandra Park so Z could have some playtime. They had a sand table, which was really more like a mud table since kids had put water in it and it had been sitting. Z was only happy to play with it.

He got his hands dirty and I just didn’t make an issue of it. Besides, I had a change of lclothes in the bag with me. I noticed V woke up because I could see her peering from behind the cover on the stroller. She pulled aside the cover to see where she was and what was going on. Once she spotted her brother playing, she, too, wanted to come out and play.

So I did. She was still in her pjs.

I started her on the swing. She loves it. I think she enjoys the wind in her face and through her hair. I love that feeling, too. Who doesn’t?

The playground equipment was perfect for her because everything was short and low. Plastic and wood. Fairly safe for her. She was barefoot and there was sand everywhere. But it’s just sand. It brushes off.

So I let her walk around. There was a little bench inside the roofed part and Z sat on it. I brought the grapes and cheese stick for the kids to snack on. I also grabbed my iPhone. We had a clubhouse that was blaring music – Katy Perry, FUN, Rihanna. The kids were having so much fun. I was, too, watching them.

Then V saw Z go down the slide and that was it. She wanted to go, too. So I let her. The slide was short and had a long flat end so she stayed on it and didn’t fall off when she got down there. Z loved having his little sister in the slide with him. He would go down first and stay there until she came down. It made him laugh when she hit the bottom and bumped him with her feet as she stopped.

Again, mommy. Again.

V had so much fun and I have never seen Z so happy to have her playing with him. It’s so different at home. They always ling fight over toys – it’s mostly him yelling at her for touching the toys he is playing with. So funny.



An Experiment on Sleep

Daylight Savings Time really messes up sleep for kids – especially my kid.  He has been waking up at 5 am for the last few days.  It was a very nice day out today so we decided to head to the Yonge-Eglinton area for a stroll.  We thought we would keep him in the stroller after lunch and walk around to nap him.  Nope, that didn’t happen.  What DID happen, though, was Violet had a 1.5 hr nap.  She LOVED the walk. 

Zander got to play at the playground and he had so much fun.  When we got home, he was so exhausted that we swore we did not want to do this again unless circumstances called for it.  You see, our kid does not crash and burn, but he gets very aggressive, to the point where he starts throwing things.  As we were unloading the car, including the kids, the iTouch battery died and he just thought to chuck the device out onto the driveway.  M got really mad and we told him he was banned from using any kids of device for a while. 

The nice thing about all of this is that we got to put him to bed earlier, like regular time, in hopes that this will fix the DST repercussions.  We’ll see what time he wakes tomorrow.

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