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Apple to Orange

People say that once you have your second child, you will inevitably start to compare them.  It is true.  People also say  that the second-born is usually quieter and more patient.  In this case, not true.

When Z was the same age as V is now, he was a lot calmer and not as fully-developed in his gross and fine motor skills.  He was signing more but V understands way more than he did.  Z used to be a terrible sleeper and in fact, he had poorer sleep habits than V does.  At least V will let you know, if you ask her, if she is ready for bed.  And she usually is accurate. At 15 months of age, she drinks liquids from a cup without spilling, feeds herself with a fork and spoon, and tries to dress herself.

It is truly amazing what having an older sibling does to a younger one.  They observe and learn so much from them – even the not so good things, unfortunately.

In the sleep department, V is a much better sleeper than Z was.  It may  have to do with the fact that we sleep-trained her earlier (before 12 months) and it is sticking better.  Naps and bedtimes are never a struggle because she is almost always ready to go to sleep.  We stick to the same schedule as much as possible – 9am nap, 1pm nap, 7pm bedtime.  Works like magic!

Here is the funniest thing about V and her mimicking her older brother – she will stand in front of a potty, stick her belly and groin out as if to pee.  The best part is she lifts her shirt up just like she does.  I wish I had a picture to show you.


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