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We were out all day from 10 am. We met our friends at the zoo and stayed for an hour and a bit. On the way to lunch, Congee Queen, both kids fell asleep and I had to carry and hold Z for 30 minutes. When V woke up input Z down in her car seat. It was funny to see him in it because he has outgrown it and even V was staring at him funny. This is Z’s favorite way of eating raspberries.

We’ve been very lucky to have so many pass me downs and loaners for Vs clothing. We have not had to buy much for her at all. The nice thing about loaners is you never know what you’re going to get. In the most recent box from my friend Phuong, I found this set by Applebottoms. It is so cute and lavender. The zipper pull had a golden apple.

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