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There’s something about McDonald that every kid loves. We don’t frequent it at all but we use it as an emergency go-to place when we’re traveling or for emergency. Everyday, on the way to work and home, we drive by 4 places that just makes Z so giddy. The golden arch is one of them. Menchie’s, Subway and Three Guys are the other three. Can you believe this?

I’m not sure what the fascination babies have with containers and bottles but when V sees one, she’s always reaching for it. There’s this one that she loves – a travel size Scope bottle. Not only is it a bottle but it still has the crinkly plastic seal sitting loosely around the bottle cap. I had to change her diaper for bedtime and this bottle kept her from trying to turn over while I changed her. And she was loving the sheets when i put her down. She must’ve rolled around 10 times and dove into the pillows face first. It was so fun to watch her.

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