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I must admit, I have been lazy about blogging. School ended last Friday and I just have been enjoying the time with kids. Everyday since Fri, we’ve been busy doing things and going places.

Take today, for example, we went to a Child Study for Zander on Spadina and Bloor. Then we drove over to Christie Pits and just played there. I love that park. It’s so huge and awesome! Z discovered the hills there and had so much fun rolling down them.

We ended sleeping the kids out – V on me in the Ergo, and Z in the stroller. It was eating-on-the-go and it worked out fine. After the kids woke up we drove down to MEC and got some things for the kids. A new and better water bottle, as well as a better backpack. Of course we had to get each of them their own otherwise it would just be screaming all the way.

Z was obsessing about Snakes and Ladders so we went to Mastermind Toys and got 3 travel games for our trip to Cuba. One really awesome one is called Spot It. It’s so easy and fun to play – even Z could play it. V got a musical jewelry box and a few bracelets and necklaces – since she’s always playing with mine.

We got home at around 6, had dinner and the kids were in bed by 7:10(V) and 8:10 (Z). Then we waited for our airbnb guests to arrive. They were coming in from UAE and customs took a while so they didn’t arrive till almost 8pm.

We chatted with them downstairs and found out she is 5 months pregnant. While we were down there in the basement, we did not hear Z crying for a while. So by the time We got to him, he was so upset and sobbing so hard. He asked where we were. Poor guy.

It’s a busy day everyday and I am looking forward to going to Cuba. (Btw, I bought a few items of clothing from Joe Fresh. So happy.

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