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Weekends are usually our time to clean and today was no exception. Our island needed to be decluttered and the kitchen and dining room, cleaned. There was also laundry to be folded. The iPad was our best bet to keep the kids occupied – though they almost always fight over it. So I made them go on their bellies to watch Babar on Treehouse.


Mornings on the weekends are a pleasure, especially when both kids sleep past 6am. And that’s exactly what happened here. I love how both boys are on the iPad/touch while little V looks over their shoulders.

This is how keen V is to eat solids. She’s sucking on a nori rice cracker. She would suck and then smack her lips.


The two kids watching Sesame Street – although she didn’t last as long as him.

V has been reaching for her feet a lot lately. Sometimes she grabs her legs instead when she is lying down. She is able to reach her feet when she’s upright sitting.



Z has been on the iPad/touch a little too much lately. I feel to blame because sometimes when it’s just the 3 of us, I can’t always play with him. This morning I had to put V down and M had to take a shower so we let him go on our bed with the iPad.
As I came out of V’s room to check on Z, I found Z sitting with the iPad. I couldn’t help but take photos of him and his brand new kickers – a pair of Converse lookalikes from H&M. They are so cute on him.

V has been practising sitting up a lot lately. She was so happy to be sitting here, proudly showing off her hat and smile.


My two music prodigies, playing the piano. I found it so sweet to see Z playing for his little sister.

Self-teaching at its best. The iPad has been such a huge part of Z’s learning ever since we bought it. He has learned all his alphabets and hundreds of sports through an app called ABC Play. It’s incredible. Yeah, he plays bowling and basketball games, but he learns the terminology as well. What can be better than expanding his vocabulary?

Morning Routine

My son, Z, wakes up every morning and let’s us know he’s up by calling out loud. It may sound like crying at first, but it isn’t. “mommy, daddy, Violet, come!”.

As soon as I open the door and step into the room, I’m sometimes greeted by the wafting smell of his poo. “I pooed.” After a quick diaper change, with me engaging him in a conversation asking him to estimate how big he thinks the load is, we go back to “mommy daddy’s bed” and snuggle with either an iTouch or the iPad.

Today, something else happened. As I got close to his bed, he lifted my shirt to reveal my bulging belly. I have been telling him that I need to lose some weight. As much as he loves my belly, kissing and squishing his face into it, I REALLY needs to lose weight. As he lifted my shirt, he said,”mommy belly smaller? Shoot it into the basketball net?”. I laughed and replied, “No, mommy’s belly is too big to fit into the basket.”

I picked him up and kissed his face. Oh how I love him so. He is one smart 2 yr old!


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