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(I’ve been lagging in my posts lately. I’m trying to keep up since I will be back to work soon and I’m sure I’ll be even busier.)

I never thought Z would be so into playdoh as much as he has been for the last 2 months. Ever since he watched Jamie Oliver’s podcasts, he has been interested in cooking. He loves to pretend cook with his playdoh. I occasionally find him talking outloud as I’d he was in camera – it is so cute!

His favorite kitchen skill to practice is cutting. Even when I’m in the kitchen prepping, he asks to help. So I once gave him a butter knife and some tomatoes to cube. He knows the lingo – its great. I have a budding chef.




I always love it when Z goes into his own imaginative play. This morning, while wearing his apron, he told he he was going to go grocery shopping. He proceeded to put a bunch of change into his apron pocket. Then he went and picked out some plastic food to put on a tray and serve it to M.


Today I dressed V as a pretty little girl. She looked so cute in tights a dress and a hair clip. I love to dress her up.

Now that she’s 4 months old, she can play in the Exersaucer for 5-8 min. She loves the rolling rattle and is able to spin it herself. I love how when she looks down, all u see are her cheeks.

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