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Potty Training Progress

Today is day 2 of V using the potty. After morning wakeup, I put her in underwear and we stayed home all morning. Twice she stopped herself from peeing more and told me she needed the potty.

I’m so excited. I can’t wait for her to be a big girl – her 2nd birthday is coming up in 24 days.

Then I got brave and took her out in her underwear to Bayview Village. She stayed dry until we got to Chapters – I was about to take her to the bathroom. She was standing by the Ty beanie ball spinning display when she tinkled. I came prepared with a spare pair of undies and pants. So no problem. (M had to wipe up the ‘spill’.)

At IKEA, I took her to the bathroom and she peed in the toilet! We had dinner and went shopping after. Then on the way out, we just didn’t get a chance to, it was just insanely crazy. So we drive home hoping she’d stay dry. But we ended up with a dark grey area on her carseat. Oopsie!

All in all, though, I think she’s doing fantastic! Z didn’t show signs of readiness until much after 2. In fact he was fully out of diapers during the day by 2 yrs 9 mos. not bad
for a boy.

Playing Food

We’re just at IKEA. I think we want to move away from round plates – better aesthetics and storage.

We want to experiment and see if we could plate our foods to reduce wastage as well as make it more appealing for the kids. Perhaps underplating might entice them to finish what’s on their plate.

Tonight, I’m thinking of making Garlic Butter Prawns with Mashed Potatoes and balanced veggies on the side.

Come back and read the results later tonight. I will also post a photo to show the plated meal.


Z wanted to try out this patio chaise lounge and asked me for permission first.

And then there’s V, who wants to play with a laptop. Except this one’s a fake


Everybody loves IKEA – especially Z. Their duvets are now displayed on a round rack and it was so tempting for the kids to play in it. And so they did. And boy did they ever have fun!


Our family loves IKEA. Really, who doesn’t? Z, V and I decided to spend the morning at IKEA just having fun. I let Z walk on his own while I wore V in the Ergo Baby. I still took the stroller so that I could nap V before we got into the car to go home.

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<img src="" alt="20120629-232557.jpg" class

Our first stop was the kids section. It was fairly quiet, since it was only 20 min after 10. I let V out to play on the floor and she loved it. Z had so much fun with those blowup cushions. We were smacking one side of it and launching the fox stuffies into the air and he thought it was the most hilarious thing!


Around 10:40, Z declared he was hungry. Part of it was because he saw the cafeteria, which was in front of the kids section. I had to explain to him that it was too early and they weren’t serving lunch yet. So we went and walked around some more. I offered him a cheese stick, to which he politely declined. Then I took out an apple and offered it to him and he happily took it. At this time we were in the beds section and he climbed onto one, settled in and enjoyed his apple.

When he was finished, he got off, handed me the half eaten apple and said, “Now I have more energy. That was a very good apple, mom.”


The sheer joy that V experiences when she watches her older brother is beyond words to us. It does not matter what he does, she will find it amusing. Here, she was so happy that he joined her inside one if the cardboard boxes from the IKEA patio set we got today.


Last night was rough – but I expected it. 40 min into her sleep, V woke up. She must woken up 7-8 times altogether. Around just after midnight I decided to unswaddle her. She has never been happier. The rest of the night she was waking up because she was learning to sleep without a swaddle. I’m glad I did it sooner than later.

Her 1st nap was short -35 min only. But when we went to IKEA, she surprised us by sleeping past 2 hrs! I couldn’t believe it. She went down again just a few minutes ago for her 3rd nap. It’s exhausting – these are the things I don’t seem to remember when Z was little.

Z woke up early again – 5:25 am. He didn’t have much of an appetite all day. I felt him and he was warm. Runny nose is also in the picture.

Z snuggling with M after his nap.

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