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Last Few Days

I must admit, I’ve been dreading going
back to work ever since I realized that there are only 2 weeks left in the summer. Sigh.

So, after dinner the other night, we drove down to Hollywood Gelato for some yummy cold treats. V wanted the ‘pink’ one and ended up eating only the pink one. Z, on the other hand, ended up loving the lemon and asked for more when it was all gone.




Next week, we’re planning for an ice cream sandwich date with some friends.


Tonight, it was just V, myself and M, as Z was at a playdate. It’s weird how quiet it was without him. After dinner we had some ice cream. V was so happy she was feeding herself and dancing while she was eating.

It was drizzling this morning when we left the house. z insisted in wearing an umbrella. And when we got out of the car in my school parking lot, he wanted to use his umbrella. His outfit matched his umbrella. It was so cute.


It’s amazing how quickly V adjusted to idea of going to a home daycare. She is so excited to go there every morning. I’m always thankful we found a great place for her and that she’s happy.

Z had an ice cream date with his best friend, Z. We took them to Menchies and they were just so giddy the whole time. When it was time to leave, it was hard to separate the two of them. Z was ok with going home but his friend had a hard time letting him go. He wanted Z to go home with him. So sweet.

And then tonight, I got an email from Z’s mom which is actually a direct request from him. “I want Z to go to Bialik next year.”. Well, Z is going to Hillcrest next year and they will be separated. But I feel bad denying them the friendship so we are going to try and make efforts to get them to see each other regularly.


The sheer joy that V experiences when she watches her older brother is beyond words to us. It does not matter what he does, she will find it amusing. Here, she was so happy that he joined her inside one if the cardboard boxes from the IKEA patio set we got today.

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