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Days 2 and 3 of camp were better – but there were still tears involved. Yesterday, Z was already crying even before we got there and we had to distract him with the iTouch. He was clinging on to us and not wanting to let go. A staff had to pry him away from us. This morning, he was good until we let him out and he realized that we were leaving him again.

I noticed that he had a sticker on his shirt Everytime he comes home. So I asked who gives it to him and he replied, “I don’t know.”. So I asked was the reason he doesn’t know is because he’s usually crying when he is given a sticker. He stopped to think. I think that’s the case.

He goes to the potty to pee and he is extremely excited to see us when we pick him up so that’s a good sign definitely. It’s only 2 weeks long so I really hope he will enjoy it more because he will be going there for school in september.

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