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Weekends are usually our time to clean and today was no exception. Our island needed to be decluttered and the kitchen and dining room, cleaned. There was also laundry to be folded. The iPad was our best bet to keep the kids occupied – though they almost always fight over it. So I made them go on their bellies to watch Babar on Treehouse.


Today, we stayed home after the kids’ nap because we had a rough night with V last night and we also could use that time to garden. The kids hung out on the deck, each armed with an apple device.


I made V a sitting nook with some pillows. She was so proud to be sitting up on her own and playing. I gave her some soft toys and soft books and she was happy as tack for 15 min. I feel like she’ll be sitting up without being propped with pillows soon. I can’t believe she is also turning 5 months soon.

Z loves my Blackberry Bold phone even more. He knows how to use YouTube to watch videos and now he’s discovered he can play bowling games as well (I actually downloaded it and showed it to him.). Here, he is playing and I put V beside him on the couch after her nap and she leaned on him as if to say, “hey, big brother. What u doing?”. I love it when he is gentle and accepting of her, especially when she grabs his hair by accident and makes him cry. Lol.


As new parents, its inevitable that couch parenting happens. I was tidying up and making soup in the kitchen after dinner when M called me over. He told me to bring a camera and that is what I found. I guess V was ready for bed but Z still wanted to play so that is how they were accommodated. Actually, M was lying on the floor with V on his tummy resting against his legs propped when Z decided to get on and sit on his chest. It’s cute.

ANC thus, is my little seƱorita, wearing her brothers old sleeper and hat. Just hanging out on the Exersaucer, fighting sleep. She Is just a bundle of smiles.


Today has been a very busy day. As a result, I only have one photo. Every morning, the kids come and hang out on our bed between 6 and 7 am. Usually it’s just Z but V woke up early as well – around 5:30 am. I love that they were both smiling.

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