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Stumped by Solids

V has been eating solids for the last week or so. I tried giving baby cereal but she doesn’t enjoy the blandness. So I made rice and veggies with meatball porridge and blended it up. She loves it! I also started making her homemade puréed fruits as well. I noticed lately that she has been having difficulty passing stool. Lots of grunting and screaming, almost out of frustration.
This morning, she made a ton of noises while playing and only passed a little bit of stool. The rest of the day was a lot more grunting and screaming, especially when she was sitting and playing. She’s also been highly distracted during nursing; if there is anyone around or any other stimuli, he nurses for a short period, like 2 min, often going on and off. So after dinner I took her up to her room and she nursed much better. Then we spent about 10 minutes waiting for her to poo, and she finally did. Hallelujah!
But now, she is gassy and has woken up screaming at least 4 times and we’ve now gone to her a3 times, myself 2x to feed her. Seems she wants to pass some gas. So I put her on her tummy after nursing her. At first, she lifted her head but I patted her bum and she lowered her head down and fell back asleep. I had to go and turn her onto her back bec M was worried it might not be. Good idea. I thought she might sleep better. But I’m going to have to give her more tummy time during the day to let her learn to roll over back and forth on her own. She woke up minutes father I put her on her back so M is with her now.

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