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Thursday Night Fever

Mika is at a sleep study tonight. I’m home alone with the kids. The kids fell asleep at about 8pm.

Here is the sequence of events as they happened.

8:34pm. V wakes up.

9:51pm. V wakes up again. I try to nurse her back to sleep but fail.

10:30pm. I bring her downstairs and notice she’s hot and feverish. Tried using the thermometer we have but reading seems off. Wiped her down with vinegar water to help bring her temp down. Decided to keep her downstairs with me while I did some more work. She talked up a storm and was so animated she woke Zander up.

11:00 pm. V tells me that Z is awake. I don’t believe her so I look outside the office door. He is standing in front of the tv room entrance clutching his teddy, staring with a confused look at V.

I come out and walk towards him. He starts whimpering. He woke up by himself. No mommy. No V. No daddy. What’s going on? He asks where daddy is and I tell him. At a sleep study. Let’s go back to bed everyone, I tell both kids as we walk up the stairs.

11:10pm. I try again, for the 3rd time to get v to sleep. She’s art he’d to me the whole time and is still not deeply asleep.

12:45am. I feel cold feet on my legs. Her body is hot, and so is her forehead. I take her to the bathroom to give her medicine for her fever. I take out my contact lens. Just so I can got to sleep too. She’s wired and unable to fall asleep. Poor her.

Poor me. I’m exhausted. I might have to take the day off tomorrow if she still has a fever.

1:28am. Still awake. V has been nursing since 11pm. She’s still unable to fall asleep. Z is stirring from her crying.

At least she’s trying to sleep. I hope I can put her down soon. My backs killing me. I’ve had to prop myself up so I could support my back and change positions.

1:50am. I think vs finally asleep She’s off me and I’m going to try and get some rest now.


Teething and Sick

It wasn’t long ago when both kids were sick. Well, V isn’t really sick – just teething. She has been fussy, sleepless and wanting to nurse all the time. When she’s fussy all she wants is me – well, my nipple, actually. All this coincided with her need to be freed from the swaddle for sleep. I think that it minimized her frustrations when she needs to suck on her finger.

Z woke up feeling off – no appetite at all. In fact he has been that way all day. Even his nap was shorter than usual. I felt him warm this morning and he’s a lot warmer now. He’s been so upset tonight that he cried so much. Z kept saying, ” Mommy…”, as if to ask me to make the pain go away. He wouldn’t let us check his temperature so we couldn’t get a reading.

I’m hoping he feels better before the weekend is over.

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