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Today was a nice cool day and V had a later wake up so I decided to take a walk with the kids. We had a busy day and I was successful in keeping Z sea from the tv most of the day. We started out in the playground where he has gotten so comfortable climbing the rungs of the curved ladder. V got to go on the swing and she loved it.
Then when it was time for her nap I put Z in the stroller with some snacks and Sesame Street while I walked them. Once she fell asleep I took Z to the special spot where he can throw rocks into the creek. She slept for about 30 min. Then we headed home.
After lunch the kids napped and I got to watch The Chew while wearing V. Back out we went after the kids woke up. This year we planted some ever bearing strawberries in hanging baskets and Z already got to eat one. He loved it!
We stayed out and played till M came home.

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