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The Early Bird Catches The Worm

Both V and Z have never been the sleep-in kind of babies. I dot know why that is. All I know is that regardless of their bedtime, the wakeup time is still the same – before 7am. It gets as early as 4 am, or in the case of today, 1:30 am.

The last two mornings have been a succession of early wakings – 5 am, then 4 am. I’d go and bring her into our bed and nurse her, thinking that at least she will sleep for another 30 min or an hour. Not usually the case.

This time, we stayed up and listened to her cry for 35 minutes. Each 15 minute segment got more desperate. Finally, after entering the room, I heard her say “morning” a few times. I was shocked to hear this and I walked up to her crib and explained to her that it was too early to be waking up. And I pointed to the clock to show her it was only 2am.

I asked her what she would like and she replied, “boobie”. I proceeded to explain to her that I’d gladly nurse her but she has to go back to bed after and that she can’t cry because it wakes Z up and he doesn’t like it.

After nursing, I asked her to let me know when she was done – and she did. She pulled my shirt back down when she was finished. She started whimpering as I proceeded to walk toward her crib. I had to offer to sing her a song before I put her down and she took it.

After I left her she still got up and cried for another 15 minutes. This time I went back to her with M but that only made her even more upset to see him. When she wants mommy, she DOES NOT want to see ANYBODY at all!!! So I talked to her again as she understands everything I say to her. I nursed her and then put her back in the crib.

She protested again but this time, she stayed lying down, hugging her bears under the blanket. I’m hoping this is the end of this because I’m exhausted.


Its now 3am One and a half hours of wakefulness. I’m hoping to sleep for at least 3 hours then I’ll be ok.

3:20. Or maybe not. Not only has she decided to not sleep, but she also decided to take off her sleeper and rip off her diaper. So she definitely knows what to do to get someone to come in.

Now she’s just screaming and crying frantically as M tries to settle her down. I can’t take this. It’s too much. She’s been up for 2 hrs now. Not good.

Sleep hiccups

Every week, there’s always one day that V wakes up too early. It starts out with something like 5:45am, like yesterday. Then today it was 4:45 am. I’m not so sure why her sleep is so inconsistent. I wish she’d go back to sleep right now.

Sleeping on Their Own

Last night was the first night V slept Advil-free. She made it from 6:30pm to 1:00am, stirring only to eat and immediately returning back to sleep. Then she woke again at 5:20 am and I fed her and put her back awake. She sucked on her hands and rubbed her eyes when she got tired and went back to sleep at 5:35am, only to be woken by Z screaming at 5:55am. Now M is in her room rocking her.

Z started screaming around 5:20am. I suspect he has been up since 5 am. He got up and screamed 3 times and he’s back lying down again. Maybe this time he’d gotten the message that we are not coming to him at all and hopefully he’ll sleep for at least 30 minutes. We’ll see.

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