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Playdate with a friend

Today was a momentous occasion for M and I, and Z. He had a playdate with his friend, Z, and he went home with Z’s mom in her car. Then he stayed there for nearly 3 hours, playing, wrestling and just having fun. He also ate dinner with Z’s family.

When he came home I asked him about his playdate.

Me: So, what did you eat for dinner?
Z: fish sticks.
Me: how many fish sticks did you have?
Z: (he holds up five fingers as he eats his bedtime snack of apple)
Me: what did you have with fish sticks? Fries?
Z: no.
Me: did you have pasta?
Z: no.
Me: did you have rice?
Z: no. But you’re really close.
Me: I’m close? Hmmm…
Z: it’s kind of round.
Me: couscous?
Z: yeah! Couscous with fruits and veggies!

I love my boy.


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