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V is pretty good with communicating – especially when it comes to pointing. Unfortunately it comes with a lot of grunting and almost screaming. Today, while I was playing with her, she pointed to the doll stroller straps. So I undid them. Then I put a doll in it and she took it off and pointed to the seat, grunting and looking at me. I was confused. Then I realized that she was telling me she wanted to go sit in it. Ahhh. Now I get it.

So I put her in it – probably not the safest idea. But I’m sure I’m not the first. Z sees me loading her in and informs me he wants to push her instead. I offer hesitantly, reminding him to go slowly and carefully. I follow them and just the look in both their faces was precious. As she sat there clutching her doll, I’m entertained by the idea of a big brother pushing a little sister in a stroller.

Nonetheless, M wasn’t impressed when he came home from IKEA.

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