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Potty Trained

Our little girl is officially potty trained during day time. All thanks to daycare, for two weeks now, she has been wearing underwear and using the toilet for pee and poo (at home). V has been so good with letting us know. I even take her when we are out in public and she will insist on using the toilet.

The poo just started last week. She was always hesitant to sit on the toilet and would usually prefer to poo in her diaper or pull up. But this week, she lets us know and just helps herself with the potty. She’s amazing about it.

Our use of diapers and pull-ups have reduced drastically since they’re only for nap times and evenings.

Now, there’s only one thing left to do – wean her and she’ll be a big girl all the wAy. But she doesn’t seem to be ready yet.

That’s a working progress as we’re planning to paint her room purple in hopes of enticing her to sleep in her own room. The paint can is already purchased. A princess room.


Busy September

Sept is almost over and I feel like its been two months since we’ve been at work. It has been so crazy and hectic that we feel exhausted every night. Everything is so rushed.

Mornings especially since we need to drop off the kids. M walks V in the stroller, while I drive Z to Hillcrest for morning care. By the time I get to school, it’s 8:30am and that leaves me 15 minutes to get ready for the day.

At the end of the day, I’ve got a little more time but I’ve got to leave by 3:55am to pick Z up and then M and V. Once we’re home, usually around 4:30pm, lunch boxes and containers need to go to wash, dinner has to be prepared but the kids also want to play.

After dinner, the kids watch 2 back-to-back episodes of the Octonauts and then we get ready for bedtime. We e changed the routine up again so the kids could be in bed earlier. We all pile in to our bed and read Munsch books. V usually wants to nurse while I’m reading with Z.

Thank goodness, they’re both asleep by 8:15pm at the latest. Tonight, it’s 8:00pm.

This week has been rough. M fell very ill on Thursday, experiencing lots of muscle cramping, fever and pains. That day we took the kids to the paediatrician for a checkup. S got two needles and, we learned from the red dots on Vs feet, that she has Foot-and-Mouth disease.

As it turns out, she doesn’t just have a common cold. It’s he coxsackie virus. Friday became much worse for M. He stayed home again. This time, he slept from 10am to 2pm. He never does this. This is the third day he’s feeling ill. The Advil helps him manage the pain, and lots of water also helps too.

Oh, and all of early last week, my eyes were discharging yellow stuff and making my contacts and vision blurry. My eyes were also itchy and id wake up with crusted eyelids. Not fun at all.

So, it’s been a very rough weekend and I hope next week is better for everybody.

Daycare Together

Today was the first day Z and V were dropped off at daycare. Z’s last day was yesterday and we were so lucky to have found a place for V that will take him occasionally. Z was excited to go but V was upset at the door, crying and flailing herself when S was holding her. She quickly settled after we left.

Z had a great time and made friends with M, who is 4. Naptime was a little off since both kids and another kid were all placed in the same room. Apparently, all three fell asleep and then Z woke up shortly after, and woke up the little ones, including V. Then he fell back asleep again. I’m not sure but all three kids had a short nap.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


It’s amazing how quickly V adjusted to idea of going to a home daycare. She is so excited to go there every morning. I’m always thankful we found a great place for her and that she’s happy.

Z had an ice cream date with his best friend, Z. We took them to Menchies and they were just so giddy the whole time. When it was time to leave, it was hard to separate the two of them. Z was ok with going home but his friend had a hard time letting him go. He wanted Z to go home with him. So sweet.

And then tonight, I got an email from Z’s mom which is actually a direct request from him. “I want Z to go to Bialik next year.”. Well, Z is going to Hillcrest next year and they will be separated. But I feel bad denying them the friendship so we are going to try and make efforts to get them to see each other regularly.

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