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Reclaiming Sleep

Ok, I must admit, I decided to sleep train V sooner than later.

M happened to be in her room looking at her crib and realized that her bed was a convertible one. This got me excited as we now don’t need to buy her a new bed. We also adjusted the crib platform so it’s lower, for safety. Of course we had to try her mattress out to see what it was like. Both v and Z wanted to go in to test it out.

By the time we were done, I made a decision to sleep her in her crib starting tonight. In essence, we sleep trained her. I left to get gas for the car and went to shoppers to grab a few things. By the time I came home, V was asleep. It took her under 40 minutes.

A 10:30pm, she woke up again, crying. It was unbearable but I knew if I went to her, I’d just be undoing what I’d started. This time, it took her 20 minutes. I was able to do some school work.

I’m glad. We have 2 curriculum nights coming up so it is important we did this.

New Sleeping Arrangements

As of today’s nap, I moved Vs crib mattress into our room. I butted it against our mattress, which is also on the floor, and she slept there this afternoon. I don’t know why I never thought of it but it worked. I was able to slip downstairs to finish sewing her a lovely violet dress.


Tonight is the same arrangement. Hopefully she’ll sleep better.


Cranky in Her Sleep

It’s been a very rough start for V’s sleep so far. This is also the exact same thing as last night. She went form with a fight with M so I had to go in and nurse her after i put Z down.

By the time she fell asleep, it was 7:15pm. She was in the carseat. 7:45pm, she woke up with an angry cry so I went in and picked her up and rocked her. That didn’t work so I gave her the breast. I put her in the crib after she fell asleep.
8:10pm, she cried out again. Pick up, breast, now she’s in the carseat.

I can’t even think of sleeping because I anticipate her waking up every 20-30 minutes. I’m not sure what’s going on but it looks like M is going to the Hillcrest Info session alone tomorrow night. There ain’t a way V will sleep through the first 3 hrs without waking and crying.

Adventures in Sleeping

Tonight, we tried M’s suggestion of half swaddling V for her sleep in the crib. Just like Z used to be, she has been asleep with her arms free since 7pm. Last 4 nights, she slept in the carseat. I’m so glad she’s able to lie down tonight.

Both kids went to bed for 7pm and its so nice to have that time after to do whatever we want. I’ve recently discovered Prison Break (2 nights ago) and can’t stop watching it. Last night I had to stop myself from watching another episode so I could catch extra sleep. And I did. I woke up feeling a lot better.

It’s already 9pm. I’m going to watch another one and go to sleep. I watched one earlier with M.

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