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Missing the babies

As we sit and sell our crafts at Norman Ingram, we are missing our kids. Everytime a little person comes by our table, we think of our own.

Just before we left to come here I had offered for Z to call us and say goodnight before he goes to bed. Just 20 minutes ago I got a phone call from our nanny and we were expecting tears. Not the first time. He just wanted to say goodnight and tell us he loved us.

The second call came after less than 10 minutes. The sibs and tears filled the earpiece. Our 3 year old was missing us terribly. He was sobbing so hard I could not make out most of what he was saying except, “I love you.”. My heart sank and my eyes started to well with tears. How I wish I could’ve run home to comfort him. I know he will be fine.

M suggested we wake him to let him know we are home just to give him some peace of mind.


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