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Back to School Madness

Ever since school started for Zander as well, I’ve been feeling more stressed. Mornings are a huge rush and I’ve been late to school both days already. We’ve been getting out of the house after 8am, and by the time I drop off M and V, then Z at his school, I get back to my school around 8:45-50 am. This leaves me with no time at all to get anything done.

At night, my time is unpredictable because I don’t know when V will wake. She’s cosleeping and I haven’t had the heart to sleep train her as we’re waiting for her teeth to come in. I know I’m going to have to soon since we have curriculum night coming up in less than 2 weeks. Thinking about it stresses me our even more.

As I lie here nursing her back to sleep, I’m feeling exhausted. I had just left her room to go downstairs around 9:10pm, and no more than 10 minutes ago did I have to come back up
Because she woke up crying. Not sure what’s happening with her but I’m pretty much up here, unable to do any school work.

Wait, daycare told me V was doing potty training today and used the potty three times. Maybe that’s why. In any case, I’m very happy she’s taking an interest in it.

(My left eye is hurting and I can’t see clearly since I fell asleep with my contacts on. I need to shower but don’t want to shower my sleepiness off so am going to have to do it early tomorrow instead.)

I’m Up All Night (to Get Unlucky)

Time to Sleep Train Again

Work is starting soon and I’m thinking of sleep training v once again. Saturday would be a good day to start since it will give us three days to fix her sleep at least.

Tonight has been going a little rough – considering that I started the bedtime routine around 7:20 and she is still awake. It’s been difficult – I’m forced to be in bed with her even before 9pm and can’t get things done. Although I have to say the additional sleep hours is not something to complain about.

V has been clingy and extra sensitive lately, often wanting only me and nothing to do with M. She cries and flails herself when M tries to hold her or pick her up. It’s sad. I’m not sure how to change it.

Right now, she’s in her crib crying and shouting for me. I’ve put her back since she’s been awake too long and has gotten her second wind and started to play in our bed. I hate hearing her cry and upset but she needs to know that it’s time to sleep. I’m hoping she’ll go to sleep soon. It’s minutes to 9pm. Late.


“Dap” means “that” for V. It’s what she says when I try to sit in her nursing chair to nurse her after her wakeup. She’s indicating for me to go to our bed where she’d like to sleep.

As much as it is crowded in our bed when V joins us in it, it’s such a warm feeling to sleep beside her. Right now, I’m lying in bed with her sprawled out. She is so cute and content. After nursing she simply rolled over and went back to sleep. She shifted a few times, letting out some gas in the process.

The good thing is that she will at least start off in her crib. It gives me time to finish up some things downstairs. It also forces me to be in bed earlier than I would be.

Mornings are sweet, especially, since she greets us with a “morning” and a big smile. I love it. I just wish she’d sleep through without nursing anymore. One day.

Back to Square One

For the last two days now, V has refused to sleep in her crib. She’d protest when I’d out her down in the crib and just scream louder when I leave the room. It has been problematic because I’m in her room for much longer than I need to and Z gets upset because he wants me too.

So tonight, after trying for an hour to get her to go in her crib, I bring her into our bed. I ask if she wants her bears and she nods, “yes”. As soon as I give her the bears, she has the biggest grin she’s trying to suppress and I remind her she needs to go to sleep.

I decided to test her by telling her that I need to go to the bathroom and will be back to check on her. She understands everything I say so she nods when I told her to stay in the bed and go to sleep. She shuts hers eyes tight and has a suppressed grin while hugging her bears tightly. I tell her if I find her awake when I return she will be going back to her crib.

I go downstairs, since we had company, and check back on her 10 min later. She is asleep alright. Wow. I never expected that. But she woke up two hours later and cried out. Now she’s back asleep after nursing.

M made a very good suggestion. For Z and I to take a mini vacation away from home, stay in a hotel and let M and V develop a routine together to help her wean off breast feeding. I kind of liked it. I’m actually excited about the idea.


Driving to work together in the morning is such a treat for Z and I. We get to just sit in the car, talk and watch the traffic or the sky (especially if the weather is not so good). I don’t even turn on the music just so I can hear him. Sometimes he picks up a comic book and reads it (well, he looks at the pictures).

M’s side of the bed is filled with multiple pieces of clothing – 2-3 tshirts and a pj pant. When V comes into our bed I have to make a barrier for her with pillows so she doesn’t roll off the bed. This time, she crawled on top of the pile of pillows and clothes and slept there for about 6-8 minutes before realizing that it was uncomfortable.

Affectionately Awake

V has just turned one and we had previously discussed sleep training her before she turned one. We did but it didn’t stick – teething and work happened.

The first 3 hrs have been in her room – it was thee crib for a while until her teething and congestion kicked in. Now she is in the car seat. After that she’s usually in our bed by 9:45/10:00. Generally she does well and sleeps through till the morning (nursing intermittently when she needs it).

Last night I brought her in and she had decided to roll around, pressing her face closely to mine, to give me a kiss me it was so sweet. Then she sat up so i whispered and motioned (with my hand rubbing the bed) for her to come lie down nabs copies me and smiles. V was up an hour.

Some Nights by NO FUN

Seriously, I love the album Some Nights by FUN. But some nights, for us, unfortunate, are NO FUN.

Firstly, I’ve been noticing that at bedtimes, Z likes to stretch out the time it takes for us to leave his room. On the way out, just as I have one leg ready to hop over the gate (yes, we put a gate in front of his room to prevent him from coming to our room too early and force him to stay in bed till 7am. He has fallen back asleep a couple of times.). “ma…ma, ..”. And it’s usually nothing important.

Tonight, at 15 minutes to 8, he announced that he needed to poo. So we grab the Diego potty seat from downstairs and plop him on. V is asleep already at this time. I go to the basement to deal with laundry. Then I hear M yell for me. V is up. So I go to Z a d he goes to her. Turns out, no poo at all.

By the time he fell asleep it is well after 8:00. Too late (in my books at least). I emerge from his room to still hear V fighting and screaming for me. So I go in her room, scoop her up and bring her to our bed. I nurse her. She fusses but falls asleep eventuAlly.

(I’m thinking of those oysters we bought from Diana’s Seafood. I want to have some but I’m so tired and I can’t leave her because she will wake up again. My contacts are still on but I will just close my eyes because they are so tired. Tired from being up from 10-12 last night and then at 5 am.)

Then all of a sudden I wake up from his screams. V had just resettled from waking, wanting to crawl around in our bed. I quietly got up and looked at the time – 10:40pm. Still early
And he’s up already? I look over and M Is already in his room with him. I go in and take over since all he wanted was me after all.

I pick him up. (i hear V cry and scream as M picks he up and tries to put her back to sleep. Silence. I feel better. Back to Z.). His face is drenched with tears and he is very upset. I sit on the couch with him and ask him to use his words to tell me why he is crying. No luck. I just hold him and he finally calms down.

I stand and sing to him. Then gently put him back in the crib and sing him another song. He falls asleep even before I get to the middle of the song. I walk out and go brush my teeth and remove my contacts. I’m exhausted.

9 months update

At nine months, Vs development has suddenly exploded. She’s crawling, pushing to sit up from her tummy, pulling up to stand on her own and cruising between furnitures. She also lets go From whatever she’s holding on to.

Language-wise, she knows wave, blow kiss, kiss and clap hands. V also will start doing the hand motion to Twinkle Twinkle when she hears the word twinkle. Then she claps after the song.

For the last week, V has been telling us that she doesn’t want to sleep in her crib at all. She wakes up less than an hour after she goes in and opens her eyes as soon as I start to move to get up. The solution was to being her into our bed.

When in our bed, she is so comfortable and content. She even turns to sleep on her side and then onto her tummy, where she stays for a while. I love being able to watch her face – so peaceful and content.

So we don’t get to sprawl out on the bed and cuddle but it’s not forever. In fact as soon as we come back from our trip we are going to sleep train her. We’re also waiting for her to get her first tooth.

There’s so much going on for her now. Even her ability to roll over and sit up from tummy is keeping her from sleeping through longer stretches. As well she has been crawling and practicing in her skills a lot She is so fast at getting around the house now Milestones can cause night awakenings


Please don’t go

Lately V has been sleeping in our bed at an earlier time than usual. Tonight was no exception. She had a hard time falling asleep in the first place and woke up crying within the first hour. After two attempts at trying to resettle her in her crib, I just brought her into our bed. I nursed her to sleep, waited at least 10 minutes before going downstairs. Then I heard her cry 15 minutes later. So up I went again to nurse her. fter I detached, this is what she did. Funny, huh?


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