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First Family Road Trip

Our road trip started out a little rocky- we weren’t as organized or prepared as we usually are when we plan for trips. It was a big rush to get out of the house because we were trying to get on the road for Vs nap. We even forgot Peso 1 and 2 at home.

I drove first. Getting over the border was a long wait – an hour. M had to do an emergency bottle pee for Z because he had to go. V had fallen asleep for an hour but woke up in tears. I think she was having a bad dream. We stopped at Target in Buffalo for a break – food and shopping.

We didn’t shop for long because we thought we would stop by and shop at another Target with more time. We got a jug of milk, some Mac n cheese (for dinner last night), chocolate marshmallows, and milk straws. After lunch was the rest of the drive to Rochester.

M drove this time and it took less time than we thought. We were thrilled to be out of the car and unpack in the hotel room. I have to say that the hotel is very clean and we really liked the fact that our room rate came with dinner on the week nights.

Immediately, Z wanted to go swimming he’d been so excited about it that I think it was part of the reason why he didnt nap in the car. Neither did V, actually. So as fast as we changed, we went down to the pool and stayed for 30 minutes, before Z quickly announced he had to do #2. And we were out and up in our room.

Dinner was on the house and both kids, unfortunately, had Mac n cheese. M ran to Wegman’s to get salad and veggies. Both kids were starving so I let them eat. V fed herself from the bowl


That night, both kids were asleep by 7:30pm. It was a little rough because both kids wanted me but we also only had one bed to sleep on. M and I had some quiet time once the kids fell asleep to just sit and plan our next day. We lwent to bed around 8:40pm since that was Vs first nap.

Sadly, both of us kept waking up throughout the night because it was our first night. Subconsciously we were also checking to make sure neither one of the kids, especially V, was getting close to the edge of the bed. At one point, she was sleeping across the lower half of the bed, on top of Ms legs.

It was one of those, “OMG, it’s only 12:30 am?” nights. Those nights when the time just don’t seem to move fast enough…if you know what I mean.



Tonight, We All Sleep Together

I’m going to use this as a double post because its just crazy.

The last 4-5 days have been much warmer than usual. It used to be very nice and cool at night so we never had any problems with temperatures. But because the sun is so hot on the apartment and it doesn’t set until after 9pm, we have been having challenges with V’s sleep.

Her room is on the west side and we actually kept her up till 8:45pm the other night because it was just too hot to sleep. There is no air movement at all and she gets all sweaty. Not good.

Enter The Other Room – it used to be where the girls slept bug I offered it to the boys since it helped Z sleep better. He used to waked up at night in the purple room. The Buddha room is where we all are currently.

It’s so cute to see the kids in one bed. Throughout this whole trip so far, we have had many challenges concerning the topic of sleep. So tonight we decided to all sleep in one bed. How do you do that with a queen sized bed? Easy – you sleep lengthwise so there is more space. Luckily we are not that much taller than the width of the bed so our legs will just be hanging over a little.

Another issue is the air movement. It is breezy out but the air doesn’t quite find its way into our room. So we had to find a solution without leaving the door too wide and letting too much light into the room. (I have to say, it is very nice to have the kids in bed with us.). Between the bathroom, living room and bedroom door, we had to wedge them with a small piece of knotted cloth (which is actually M’s lower bottom of his PJs that he cut off since it’s too hot to have long pjs) to prevent them from slamming.
So there, that has been the last hour or so of our life here in Amsterdam. Good night.

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