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Spring Cold

Poor V. She’s so congested. We suspect it’s teething. She woke just after 9pm – which she never does, and was calling out for me. She couldn’t breathe and even gagged while nursing. I think it’s going to be a rough night for her.

A House Full of Sickies

So far, this is my 3rd time being sick this winter. It also happens to be the worse one. Painful sore throat, persistent coughing, stuffy nose and abundant mucus are what I’ve bern dealing with for the last 9 days.

It started out with the kids being sick – although I have to say that they weren’t nearly as bad as I am. Thank goodness. This, I feel, is the worst I’ve felt and I’ve not been able to take time off either, which doesn’t help. I’m exhausted everyday. All I want to do is sleep. I’m hoping this will go away soon.

M has the sore throat and a slight cough. The kids seem clear of mucus but are still coughing. Just a bad flu season, all in all.

Cranky in Her Sleep

It’s been a very rough start for V’s sleep so far. This is also the exact same thing as last night. She went form with a fight with M so I had to go in and nurse her after i put Z down.

By the time she fell asleep, it was 7:15pm. She was in the carseat. 7:45pm, she woke up with an angry cry so I went in and picked her up and rocked her. That didn’t work so I gave her the breast. I put her in the crib after she fell asleep.
8:10pm, she cried out again. Pick up, breast, now she’s in the carseat.

I can’t even think of sleeping because I anticipate her waking up every 20-30 minutes. I’m not sure what’s going on but it looks like M is going to the Hillcrest Info session alone tomorrow night. There ain’t a way V will sleep through the first 3 hrs without waking and crying.

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