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Sleep Success

Ok, this weekend will officially be Violet’s 2nd week since sleep training started. Knock on wood, so far, she’s doing well. This whole week, she slept straight till the morning (about 5:45-6:00am) for 3 days. I’m so thrilled.

Poor girl is congested though. I think it’s this damn teeth that are making her snotty. It can’t be that she’s sick again – or maybe she is. She so stuffed up she doesn’t want to eat sometimes. And when she nurses, especially this morning after I picked her up, all I could hear was her mucus moving back and forth.

Still, at almost 20 months, she only has 10 teeth. When she’s feeling well she has a great appetite. I’m only hoping that spring will bring in more teeth – like the plants and flowers. Lol

Z, on the other hand, wakes up every so often, crying, for different reasons. Last night it was because he got all sweaty. The other night, his knee was hurting. And another, he wanted socks. We never know when he will wake up at night. Hopefully he will sleep through since he was exhausted to the point of crankiness tonight.


Affectionately Awake

V has just turned one and we had previously discussed sleep training her before she turned one. We did but it didn’t stick – teething and work happened.

The first 3 hrs have been in her room – it was thee crib for a while until her teething and congestion kicked in. Now she is in the car seat. After that she’s usually in our bed by 9:45/10:00. Generally she does well and sleeps through till the morning (nursing intermittently when she needs it).

Last night I brought her in and she had decided to roll around, pressing her face closely to mine, to give me a kiss me it was so sweet. Then she sat up so i whispered and motioned (with my hand rubbing the bed) for her to come lie down nabs copies me and smiles. V was up an hour.

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