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Our Blossoming Flower

Before we had babies, M and I always discussed what names we liked best for our kids.  The girls’ names were much easier to choose and the boys’ ones were always harder to come by.  ( I guess that is the curse that comes with being a teacher.)

Violet Rose was one of the names we had chosen for a girl.  I think it suits her so much because she is so beautiful.  And just like a rose, she has her thorns.  Most people will tell you that the second born tends to be quieter.  M and I would strongly disagree with that.  V advocates for herself – even though she still doesn’t talk.  She will let you know if she wants something or does not like something.  Even in times when she is being bothered by her big brother, she knows how to defend herself.

Since she turned a year old, V has blossomed so much  in every way.  She is every bit as smart as Z, if not smarter.  She uses signing and her comprehension of the English language is just astounding.  Every morning, after I change her diaper, I ask her to take the dirty one to the diaper pail in the bathroom.  Confidently, she walks over to the bathroom, opens the lid to the pail and deposits the soiled diaper. 

Playing together with her brother is still a tricky area.  Most times, someone ends up in tears – usually her.  But lately, it has been him.  Two days ago, she actually bit his hand.  She has also pulled his hair and pinched his cheek.  The truth is, as we discovered today, he is terrified of her.  Z was running away from V because she ‘attacks’ him.  It’s funny because it is totally payback time for him. 

Tonight, while I nursed her, she detached herself from me and sat up.  I got up and she pointed to her crib.  I then asked her if she wanted to go into her bed.  ‘Yes’, she nodded.  I was pleasantly surprised and impressed.  V was willing to go into her crib to sleep.  And she didn’t make a fuss at all.  She sat up after I laid her down and took a sip of her water cup and went to sleep.  Hahhh…relief.

THIS is the easy part that everyone keeps talking about, I guess.

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