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Who doesn’t love baking? The warmth from the oven, coupled with the smell of the cookies baking. I used to be terrible at it but I think I’ve finally gotten the hang of it. Z gets so excited about it. In fact I need said anything to him about it all morning and was thinking of it. I’ve allowed him to be the official operator of the kitchen aid mixer stand. I figured it was the safest and least messy.

Weekend afternoons are usually time for me to step out or catch up on schoolwork. Today, I had a lot to do before I finally sat down to work on reports. About less than 10 min into bubbling, V woke up. And that was the end of my work time – she wanted to come to me and when she was on my lap at the table, she was scribbling on everything and pounding on my laptop.



This is Z doing the cookie dance. I made gingersnaps from scratch and they turned out awesome. He even helped me squish the cookie dough with a glass.

V loves technology. And she knows when a device is not working on not. She likes the ones that lights up. Go figure.

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