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Teething Troubles

I guess those nights where Willow stayed awake for 3 hrs were nothing compared to the last two nights.  Last night was especially brutal.  

Haven’t had breakfast yet. My hips, neck and Back are aching. Even my ankles are aching. I don’t even know what to do anymore. I feel like crying as I’m going crazy with this sleeplessness. 

I’ve read that the real teething lasts for about 8 days, with the teeth/tooth erupting at about day 5. This feels likes its been happening for quite sometime now. 

I’m trying to be so patient but all I’m going with is sleep I managed to get from 8:30-10pm and then from 1:20-5:30. The 1st hour and a half was the only time I slept in the bed without her on me. 

(As I type this, she just began to calm down. I’m hoping she will sleep for at least 2 hrs.). 

You see, people who say that you gotta nap when the baby naps don’t know the real truth about baby sleep.  You see, I used to be able to put her in the crib and walk away and then she would sleep.  But in times like these where she is teething, it doesn’t work. 

So not only am I beyond exhausted from a lack of sleep, I also cannot rest because I’ve got to nap her on me.  The swing was not successful and a stroller nap will be short – guaranteed under an hour. I’m screwed either way. 

And to make things even more challenging, my 4yo is home as school ended the first week of June. Being a stay-at-home parent is tougher than most people think.  Don’t ever let people tell you that it’s not. 

Normally I manage because I let her watch an hour of tv, then we do some drawing or writing and play outside. By that time W would’ve slept for 1.5-2 hrs and then we go to the library or park. 

I’m hoping she will have three good naps at least. 


Calm After the Storm

After the chaos from the morni

ng, V finally settled. She had that 20 min nap that drove me insane. While Z was napping I let V play for a little and nurse her. Then I wore her in the wrap while I watched Lipstick Jungle. She fell asleep calmly. I missed that. I’m sure she did as well.

I know that having time to play with Z was important and that was the main reason why I started napping her in the swing. It lasted for only a week She loves being close to me and I just love the look on her face when she wakes and looks up at me.

She ended napping for 30 min that time and once more at 430. I felt much better. For bedtime though, she only wanted me and M couldn’t settle her down so I had to leave Z and go to her. While I was out she didn’t wake.

Only at 10pm did she have a cry that was mixed with screaming and I went to her. I let her nurse because I was getting too full. She’s back in the crib now.


Today has been a long day. We stayed home because both kids aren’t feeling well. V especially is terribly congested. While I was at the gym she woke up unable to sleep and when I got home she was up watching with M. She just fell asleep after 10pm and I fell asleep nursing her. I put her in the carseat and she already cried out and I send M to rock the seat. I have a feeling that it’s going to be no sleep for me tonight.

I managed to keep Z engaged with a variety of activities, some of which he initiated himself while I was busy with V.

I taught him how to use the microwave to finish the puff paint art. I told him that he needs to always ask for help when using the microwave.

After she wakes from her nap, V always looks up with a smile. She is happy to see me I guess. She has mommyitis and cries when I hand her off to M. She needs to see me or she cries.



I love baby-wearing. It makes me proud to see other moms do it as well. When V was around 1 or 2 months, I used to wear her all the time – at home and outside. She was so good she would sleep through anything, even with me paying basketball with Z.

Nowadays all she wants to do is be part of everthing that is going on. I could clearly see that she is tired because her eyes get droopy but she fights closing her eyes. Sometimes I have to take the nursing cover and wear it to shield her vision. Within minutes she is asleep.


I remember a time when Z used to dislike getting his hands dirty. That was a long time ago, it seems. Now he will happily squish things in his hands until they ooze out from between his fingers. Here he is playing with shaving cream at Roywood. He was enjoying himself so much he wanted to spread the cream on his arms too.

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