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This morning, the kids were in bed with us after we all woke up. Z especially enjoys snuggling up with the iTouch.

Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things – especially when it comes to you’d babies. I enjoy wearing V and love it because I like to keep her close to me. But there are done says when Z needs me even more. So those are the days when M will wear her. M had a rough night last night do he was feeling very tired and he tried lying down while wearing her. She managed to sleep for about 20 min while on him. That’s pretty good, I’d say.


I’m trying to keep up with the blog because I’m also journalling our travels on Mobily Trip. So far I’m only 2 posts behind. It’s also because my phone battery died and we have been so exhausted from our detour.

Today has been so full of adventures. We started by exploring our neighborhood and getting groceries. We also visited a playground which Z had tons of fun at. V got to take two naps today. Yay! I think we’ll be able to fix the kids’ sleep by tomorrow night, for sure. I just can’t leave V once I’m in.


Today was a nicer day than it has been. I took the kids out for a hike around my neighborhood. The path went far and we stumbled upon a new playground that Z had fun in. V wouldn’t fall asleep in the stroller so I wore her in the mei tai instead. She fell asleep by 9:45 and slept till 11:15.

Once she fell asleep, I took Z to a spot where he could throw some stones into the water. He was having so much fun I couldn’t pull him off. We also stopped by the library but I forgot my purse so I couldn’t sign the books out. Z was pretty upset because of that. Poor guy. He had a great time though and so did I. I put him to bed earlier so he can stick to his bedtime and sleep well at night. We’ll see. He had a rough one last night – up for 2 hrs and M had to sleep with him in his bed.

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