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Teething and Sick

It wasn’t long ago when both kids were sick. Well, V isn’t really sick – just teething. She has been fussy, sleepless and wanting to nurse all the time. When she’s fussy all she wants is me – well, my nipple, actually. All this coincided with her need to be freed from the swaddle for sleep. I think that it minimized her frustrations when she needs to suck on her finger.

Z woke up feeling off – no appetite at all. In fact he has been that way all day. Even his nap was shorter than usual. I felt him warm this morning and he’s a lot warmer now. He’s been so upset tonight that he cried so much. Z kept saying, ” Mommy…”, as if to ask me to make the pain go away. He wouldn’t let us check his temperature so we couldn’t get a reading.

I’m hoping he feels better before the weekend is over.



Today was a very chilly day. But nothing warms me up more than seeing V’s big smile upon waking up. Thank goodness for the sun as well, it would’ve been a cold and dreary day.


Z watching a baby DVD(somehow he enjoys it more than V does. Weird.). He was drumming on the tv because the DVD was about music instruments.

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