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(As I was getting ready to go to bed, both kids simultaneously started crying – with Z going first. M went to him and I didn’t go to V as we are sleep training her still. Poor Z was so upset, crying with his eyes closed still. He had a nightmare but couldn’t talk about it. When M offered him water he wouldn’t take it but he did with me. It made M giggle. So as I lie in bed about to start my blog post for today, I hear M singing to Z, and him singing along. I’m glad he’s shaken himself off the bad dream.)

On to today’s post…

Last weekend, both kids played really well together. We think Z is starting to realize that his little sister could actually be fun. She adores and looks up to him, copying everything he does. What he eats and drinks, she wants as well.

She sees him dressing himself and she wants to do the same. After I remove her pants, she takes them and tries to put them on herself. For a 14-month-old, she gets one leg in and that’s darn amazing! I don’t think she will be that far behind him for too long. V sees and learns so much from Z that she’ll be able to catch up to him soon.

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