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Saturday mornings are a great time for me to spend with Z while M naps V. So we did a few things around the house like decorating the bathroom mirror with Halloween decals, made some Pom Pom spiders, and drank tea, while listening to the rain and snuggling with big bear. It was a nice relaxing time for us. I loved it. Poor guy, he’s got a cough and is not feeling all too well. Hope he feels better soon.

As for V, she saw some purple balloons at Longo’s and wanted them. An employee offered the non-floating ones as they were switching them for some fresh ones and we took them. But V knew what she wanted – the helium-filled ones, because they float in the air. And she pointed to them, too! Dinner was not great because both kids didnt have much of an appetite so inlet them have yogurt. Well, little miss V here, always insists in feeding herself and that’s what Halle s when she does. Then came the bath. The crazy hair and her screaming because she didn’t want to stay still for a picture.

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