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A Year At a Glance

Here is a short update on V, at 12 months.

Gross Motor Skills
– walks 1m on her own
– stands for long periods of time on her own (about 3-5 minutes) while holding something
– climbs stairs and stools
– walks with one hand held
– rolls and bounces ball

Fine Motor Skills/Hand-eye coordination
– Feeds self using a spoon (yogurt, conger, mashed potatoes)
– drinks small amounts of liquids from a cup on her own
– able to put a straw into a small hole on yogurt bottle
– puts Lego figure helmets onto heads
– places lids onto containers

Communication/Language Skills
– understands Sentences and responds with a nod or head shake
– signs please, more and all done
– vocalizes frustration and anger when something is taken away from her

Social and Play Skills
– recognizes and moves to music
– pretends to talk on the phone
– understands “snuggle” and will put her head onto chest
– gives kisses and blows kisses
– waves hi and bye
– smiles and plays shy with new people

– eats strictly table foods
– loves to feed herself
– bites whole fruits
– loves strawberries and raspberries, grapes and watermelon

Almost One

I can’t believe my little girl is almost ONE. It is very true what people say about the second child. “you just won’t have the time to do the same things you did with the first.”. I feel guilty each time I see her calendar empty – no pictures and not even hung up.

Here’s an update on V.
– has 4 teeth and is getting 4 or 8 more
– loves to stand on her own
– is learning to walk
– loves reading
– always wants to play with Z
– is so excited when she sees us coming to the door after work
– eats quickly and wants out fast; impatient and doesn’t want to sit in booster seat longer than necessary
– can compete with Z in screaming
– mimics actions very well
– can sign for more, please, all done, milk or nurse, wave bye bye, up, points to things she wants, shakes her for no and nods occasionally
– interested in people
– likes to play with things that have lids, taking them off and putting them back on
– very affectionate and gives lots of kisses
– knows how to make us laugh

The year has gone by so quickly and being at back at work makes me feel like I’m missing out.

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