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First Family Road Trip

Our road trip started out a little rocky- we weren’t as organized or prepared as we usually are when we plan for trips. It was a big rush to get out of the house because we were trying to get on the road for Vs nap. We even forgot Peso 1 and 2 at home.

I drove first. Getting over the border was a long wait – an hour. M had to do an emergency bottle pee for Z because he had to go. V had fallen asleep for an hour but woke up in tears. I think she was having a bad dream. We stopped at Target in Buffalo for a break – food and shopping.

We didn’t shop for long because we thought we would stop by and shop at another Target with more time. We got a jug of milk, some Mac n cheese (for dinner last night), chocolate marshmallows, and milk straws. After lunch was the rest of the drive to Rochester.

M drove this time and it took less time than we thought. We were thrilled to be out of the car and unpack in the hotel room. I have to say that the hotel is very clean and we really liked the fact that our room rate came with dinner on the week nights.

Immediately, Z wanted to go swimming he’d been so excited about it that I think it was part of the reason why he didnt nap in the car. Neither did V, actually. So as fast as we changed, we went down to the pool and stayed for 30 minutes, before Z quickly announced he had to do #2. And we were out and up in our room.

Dinner was on the house and both kids, unfortunately, had Mac n cheese. M ran to Wegman’s to get salad and veggies. Both kids were starving so I let them eat. V fed herself from the bowl


That night, both kids were asleep by 7:30pm. It was a little rough because both kids wanted me but we also only had one bed to sleep on. M and I had some quiet time once the kids fell asleep to just sit and plan our next day. We lwent to bed around 8:40pm since that was Vs first nap.

Sadly, both of us kept waking up throughout the night because it was our first night. Subconsciously we were also checking to make sure neither one of the kids, especially V, was getting close to the edge of the bed. At one point, she was sleeping across the lower half of the bed, on top of Ms legs.

It was one of those, “OMG, it’s only 12:30 am?” nights. Those nights when the time just don’t seem to move fast enough…if you know what I mean.



March Break nub

Sleep Success

Ok, this weekend will officially be Violet’s 2nd week since sleep training started. Knock on wood, so far, she’s doing well. This whole week, she slept straight till the morning (about 5:45-6:00am) for 3 days. I’m so thrilled.

Poor girl is congested though. I think it’s this damn teeth that are making her snotty. It can’t be that she’s sick again – or maybe she is. She so stuffed up she doesn’t want to eat sometimes. And when she nurses, especially this morning after I picked her up, all I could hear was her mucus moving back and forth.

Still, at almost 20 months, she only has 10 teeth. When she’s feeling well she has a great appetite. I’m only hoping that spring will bring in more teeth – like the plants and flowers. Lol

Z, on the other hand, wakes up every so often, crying, for different reasons. Last night it was because he got all sweaty. The other night, his knee was hurting. And another, he wanted socks. We never know when he will wake up at night. Hopefully he will sleep through since he was exhausted to the point of crankiness tonight.

DIY Dry-Aging Beef

Dry aging meat removes excess moisture, thereby concentrating the meat’s flavor. I came across this video from America’s Test Kitchens and decided to try it. I won’t have 4 days to age my prime rib roast but just a little under 2 days. It’s worth a shot.


Date Night

When it comes to date nights, we’re kind of new at it.  We didn’t start until a year and a half ago.  Our kids don’t trust a lot of people other than us.  We got lucky when we found a babysitter that they’d be willing to be left with. 

Polly is young and fun.  She used to being my student and she also knows the kids from Hillcrest camp. She plays, eats dinner, reads books with them and puts them to bed.  It’s great and Michael and I get our time. 

Our date began with a visit to Lee Valley Tools. We just picked up a can of General Finishes milk pain in antique white and a can of satin top coat.  I’m so excited.  We have been wanting to do some renos on the kitchen but are tight on funds.

 Dinner is at Sushi Legend. Our favourite sushi restaurant of all time. Great service and food. They recently upgraded their menu to an iPad menu where you select items and send your order in on the iPad. So awesome!!!

We ate a lot more than what’s shown as we were starving.  Nevertheless we really enjoyed the dinner.  And as much as we love dining out with our three kids, it can get very hectic and it’s hard to enjoy it. This way, we ate slowly and talked. 

I have to say though that one caveat with date nights is that it DOES cost us money.  It ain’t cheap – but sanity is priceless. 

Mama Gets Some Healing

Everyone’s got that one friend with the cool occupation.  Ours is an osteopath/rmt/TCM Doctor.  If there’s anyone that knows a lot about the ins and outs of the human body, it’s Sam. 

Yesterday afternoon I started experiencing back spasms that radiated across my upper/mid back.  Even the bottom parts of my ribs hurt. Being upright felt the best and it worst when I was lying down on my back.  

Simple movements like turning over and having hiccups hurt like hell.  I woke up in excruciating pain this morning around 4 and Michael got me an ice pack and a heat pack to help ease the pain.  

I had never felt anything like it before. I was wincing and whimpering from the pain.  I wanted it to stop.  

For the very first time, I had the cupping method after acupuncture accompanied by some mild electric currents. The entry of the needles were not felt that much – except for one spot.  The currents passing through literally felt like tapping – just like how Sam has explained it. 

The nice thing about going to an eastern medicine Doctor is that they don’t just diagnose and prescribe. They ask questions and they feel for and examine your overall body’s health. The truth is that everything in your body is connected. 

So as part of my treatment I had accupuncture and cupping, followed by a deep tissue massage to increase and encourage blood circulation in the injured tissues. 

The sight of the cups all over my back was more terrifying than those of the needles all over my back.  It’s due in part to the all the bruising after.  My back felt so tight, as if my skin was pulled taut and the pressure of the suction made my back feel so heavy. It’s such a weird feeling. 

As I sit here typing this entry, I feel tenderness in the back, flu-like symptoms, and overall soreness. I should hope to feel better tomorrow.  My muscles are still sore like before but I guess this is going to be a slow healing process.

I should get to bed early – before 10pm and rest so my body can heal.   

New DevelopmentsĀ 

W is turning 6 mos soon – in less than two weeks. I can’t believe it. Apart from the rough nights due to teething, there has been many wonderful changes with her. 

Firstly, she’s out of the swaddle – almost a week.  It all started when I got frustrated with trying to nurse her and having to unswaddle and reswaddle her after feeding at night. She took maybe two nights to adjust.  

In fact the second night she moved around 4-5 times without waking herself out. I felt so proud. 

Another thing is that she’s discovered her fingers and hands. I catch her examining them up close as she turns her hand about. She gets cross-eyed when she does this. It’s so cute. 

She seems to also have mastered sitting in her own. And she loves to play with toys while I do things around the house.  Picking up, pressing buttons and pushing things. So much fun for her. 

I’m Done and done!

I’ve been away from blogging for a week (or more, I don’t know) due to Willow’s teething.  She’s been having some rough nights, staying up for 2-3 hrs, which makes me exhausted. I give her tempta before bed and it helps her settle. 

So, in my absence, other than being a zombie, I’ve actually been working extra hard on finishing the kitchen. We even managed to take the drawer panels off and painted every single panel. 

The kitchen is finally complete.  It looks much brighter and less outdated. All it took was two cans of milk paint and half a can of semi gloss varnish. A project that costed about &150 in material.  Not bad considering it would’ve cost a heck of a lot more if we switched he cabinets. 

Next project – the backsplash tiles. 
Stay tuned. 

Teething Times

Considering it was her first night sleeping without a swaddle, W did really well.  She stayed in her crib the entire time – though she wasn’t sleeping the entire night. In fact she had a period when she was awake – from 1:45-3:45.  Brutal.  

Tonight I was hoping for the same deal – her in the crib.  But to no avail, she kept waking up crying after I leave her.  She had a short unrestful nap for her last one and had been up since 3:30.  So 5:30 pm was her time to go to bed. 

The time when Michael and the kids come home is a very hectic time.  In the midst of getting dinner ready and trying to entertain W, I’m frantic. I can’t imagine going back to work like this.  

W usually eats her dinner, enthusiastically opening her mouth for the next spoonful of cereal.  Tonight was not the case.  She was too tired. I took her up and got get ready for bed.  It took an hour to settle her and now she’s in the big bed. 

The older kids were disappointment because we usually read books there.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.  

I hope w sleeps tonight.  

School Lunches

It’s Thursday tomorrow and that means I need to prepare school lunches for both kids.  I used to be the mom who wanted to make all her kids lunches – until my son became so picky that food was coming back untouched. 

Thank goodness for hot lunches at school.  Even though it costs some money, it saves my sanity. Besides, my son’s school has strict dietary rules.  Kosher and Pareve. No meat. No nuts. Just dairy, eggs and fish pretty much. Michael and I have had this talk that it all leads to a carb heavy diet.  What kid can eat eggs and tuna and cheese everyday for lunch?  So it boils down to pasta and pizza really. 

So tonight, I’m making Potatoe Pirogies from scratch.  It’s from the Food Network. I’ve been feeling brave about working with dough lately and I thought, why not?

I’m also home with all three kids tonight as Michael had to deal with the paperwork for the new car switch. We got a Mazda CX-9.  The back seat was just too crowded for all three kids and so the two older ones end up fighting and bickering because they’re in each other’s faces.  Plus the baby likes a quiet car ride. 

Tonight also happens to be the 2nd night Willow sleeps sans swaddle.  Last night she was also sans swaddle but in our bed.  Tonight she’s in her own crib. I’m on my toes the entire time as every time she moves it turns on the monitor and I’m ready to go to her, expecting het to cry. So far, she’s done it twice and not woken herself up. Phew. 

Throughout my making perogies, Willow stirred a total of four times.  And each time, she went back to sleep.   Maybe she will be ok after all. I’m crossing my fingers.

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