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Mama Gets Some Healing

Everyone’s got that one friend with the cool occupation.  Ours is an osteopath/rmt/TCM Doctor.  If there’s anyone that knows a lot about the ins and outs of the human body, it’s Sam. 

Yesterday afternoon I started experiencing back spasms that radiated across my upper/mid back.  Even the bottom parts of my ribs hurt. Being upright felt the best and it worst when I was lying down on my back.  

Simple movements like turning over and having hiccups hurt like hell.  I woke up in excruciating pain this morning around 4 and Michael got me an ice pack and a heat pack to help ease the pain.  

I had never felt anything like it before. I was wincing and whimpering from the pain.  I wanted it to stop.  

For the very first time, I had the cupping method after acupuncture accompanied by some mild electric currents. The entry of the needles were not felt that much – except for one spot.  The currents passing through literally felt like tapping – just like how Sam has explained it. 

The nice thing about going to an eastern medicine Doctor is that they don’t just diagnose and prescribe. They ask questions and they feel for and examine your overall body’s health. The truth is that everything in your body is connected. 

So as part of my treatment I had accupuncture and cupping, followed by a deep tissue massage to increase and encourage blood circulation in the injured tissues. 

The sight of the cups all over my back was more terrifying than those of the needles all over my back.  It’s due in part to the all the bruising after.  My back felt so tight, as if my skin was pulled taut and the pressure of the suction made my back feel so heavy. It’s such a weird feeling. 

As I sit here typing this entry, I feel tenderness in the back, flu-like symptoms, and overall soreness. I should hope to feel better tomorrow.  My muscles are still sore like before but I guess this is going to be a slow healing process.

I should get to bed early – before 10pm and rest so my body can heal.   

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