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Date Night

When it comes to date nights, we’re kind of new at it.  We didn’t start until a year and a half ago.  Our kids don’t trust a lot of people other than us.  We got lucky when we found a babysitter that they’d be willing to be left with. 

Polly is young and fun.  She used to being my student and she also knows the kids from Hillcrest camp. She plays, eats dinner, reads books with them and puts them to bed.  It’s great and Michael and I get our time. 

Our date began with a visit to Lee Valley Tools. We just picked up a can of General Finishes milk pain in antique white and a can of satin top coat.  I’m so excited.  We have been wanting to do some renos on the kitchen but are tight on funds.

 Dinner is at Sushi Legend. Our favourite sushi restaurant of all time. Great service and food. They recently upgraded their menu to an iPad menu where you select items and send your order in on the iPad. So awesome!!!

We ate a lot more than what’s shown as we were starving.  Nevertheless we really enjoyed the dinner.  And as much as we love dining out with our three kids, it can get very hectic and it’s hard to enjoy it. This way, we ate slowly and talked. 

I have to say though that one caveat with date nights is that it DOES cost us money.  It ain’t cheap – but sanity is priceless. 

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